Resume Writing Workshop

Teaches you the basic formats of a resume
Provides sample resumes
Guides you in writing and presenting a functional resume

Interview & Presentation Workshop

Teaches you about proper body language and manners of speech
Instills in you interpersonal skills and confidence
Motivational pep talks
Do’s and don’ts when interviewing

CO-OP Placements

  • Aid you in searching for co-op placements to further your training
  • Identify relevant placement offers that suit your program
  • Search for volunteer-based placements for a minimum time period of 3 months

Job Search

  • Direct you towards relevant job search agencies
  • Search with you among different job search engines
  • Help you search for jobs relevant to your program of study
  • We also offer training on creating optimal LinkedIn portfolios as well as professional portfolios
  • LMR: Labour Market Research (ask our career counselor for more information)

Computer Labs

  • Within our school hours, we have computer labs for students to come in and work on resumes, search for jobs or co-op placements, and develop connections with possible employers
5 Minutes from Hwy 401 | 3 Minutes from Scarborough Town Centre | Ample Free Parking