Certificate Information

This course reviews the Blockchain architectural and technical topics that must be considered before launching a Blockchain development program. There are many decisions and issues that face the technical project team, and this class will enable participants to make those decisions.

This course is recommended to help you develop the skills and knowledge required to pass the CBSA exam.

Certificate Details

Duration: 40 Hours

Program Format: Online instructor-led, online self-paced.

Program Tuition: $1,995

Certificate Outcomes

At the end of this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Architect blockchain solutions
  • Work effectively with blockchain engineers and technical leaders
  • Choose appropriate blockchain systems for various use cases
  • Work effectively with both public and permissioned blockchain systems
  • Differentiate between proof of work, proof of stake, and other proof systems and why they exist
  • Explain why cryptocurrency is needed on certain types of blockchains
  • Distinguish between public, private, and permissioned blockchains
  • Articulate how blocks are written to the blockchain
  • Use cases for public blockchains and for private & permissioned blockchains
  • Use programming languages of the most common blockchains
  • Apply common testing and deployment practices for blockchains and blockchain-based apps

Employment Opportunities

  • Blockchain Consultant

  • Programmers & Developer

  • Software Engineer

  • Government Official

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