Course Overview

Welcome to the Business Analytics course, an intensive 18-hour micro-credential designed to equip you with essential competencies in data-driven decision-making.

This course is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in data-driven decision-making within a business context. It’s ideal for professionals across various industries who want to leverage data analytics to improve operational efficiency, make informed strategic decisions, and drive organizational success. Whether you’re a business analyst, marketer, financial analyst, operations manager, or anyone involved in decision-making processes, this course provides essential competencies to excel in utilizing data for business insights and actions.

You’ll harness the power of data analytics to enhance operational efficiency, identify insights through data mining and business intelligence, and understand the pivotal role of business analytics in organizational success.

Through engaging lectures and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn to provide critical data for analytics projects, apply statistical concepts effectively, and utilize data mining techniques to address real-world business challenges.

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Course Breakdown

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Use data analytics to improve operational efficiency.
  2. Identify how data mining and business intelligence can help enhance business processes.
  3. Recognize the benefits of business analytics to organizations.
  4. Provide essential data and information for business analytics.
  5. Use essential statistical concepts to engage in and lead analytics-driven projects.
  6. Apply relevant data mining techniques to address business inquiries.
  7. Master core data mining techniques to handle extensive datasets and apply appropriate methods to resolve business queries.
  8. Analyze and assess outcomes derived from statistical and data mining processes.
  9. Report data analysis findings.
  • Increased data availability has spurred the emergence of the business analyst role by necessitating a deeper understanding of business processes.
  • Data and information are differentiated within the context of decision-making processes.
  • The role of the business analyst involves leveraging business analytics across various business functions, with a focus on strategic decision-making.
  • Master the core principles of business analytics, from discerning between populations and samples to wielding advanced statistical tools for insightful data analysis.
  • Harness the power of data visualization techniques like histograms and box plots to unlock actionable insights, propelling informed decision-making.
  • Elevate your expertise with advanced analytics methodologies such as hypothesis testing, correlation, and regression analysis, equipping yourself with the tools to predict trends and drive strategic outcomes in any business setting. 
  • Master the realm of analytics with a deep dive into confirmatory analytics, encompassing predictive and prescriptive analytics, while exploring techniques like classification, regression, and time series analysis.
  • Understand the significance of base rates and guard against base rate fallacy to ensure accurate data interpretation.
  • Learn to leverage prescriptive analytics effectively to analyze data and prescribe optimal courses of action, while mastering data visualization techniques tailored for both exploratory and confirmatory analytics, culminating in the effective communication of analysis results through written summaries and reports. 
  • Delve into the essence of marketing, dissecting its components within the marketing mix while uncovering representative marketing questions solvable through business analytics.
  • Discern between internal and external sources of marketing data, laying the foundation for comprehensive analysis.
  • Explore a spectrum of analytics techniques—from descriptive to prescriptive—applied to marketing inquiries, and grasp how marketing analytics reports results effectively, all while harnessing key information technology concepts essential for data-driven decision-making in marketing contexts.
  • Gain insight into the multifaceted realm of finance, exploring its primary branches and representative questions solvable through business analytics.
  • Navigate the diverse sources of financial data crucial for comprehensive analysis, while mastering descriptive analytics techniques to unveil patterns and trends in financial data.
  • Explore the application of diagnostic analytics to diagnose financial performance issues and predictive analytics to forecast future trends, culminating in an understanding of prescriptive financial analytics and methods for reporting analytical results effectively. 
  • Explore the realm of operations, encompassing human resources, information technology operations, and supply chain, while uncovering business analytics’ applicability to representative operational questions within each branch.
  • Identify diverse sources of operations data, both internal and external, essential for informed decision-making.
  • Master descriptive analytics to discern patterns in operational data, and progress to diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics techniques, culminating in effective reporting of analytical results, all while integrating key information technology concepts for data provision and analysis. 


Upon successful completion of a TBC Micro-credential, you’ll be awarded an interactive Moodle badge, acknowledging your achievement in completing the course and mastering new skills and competencies. This badge serves as a dynamic representation to your success, empowering you to showcase it across various platforms, including your LinkedIn profile, résumé, emails, and more, thereby elevating your professional standing.

This badge is interactive. Clicking on it grants viewers access to your comprehensive record, ensuring the authenticity of your training and enabling them to identify the skills you’ve acquired and the course content you’ve mastered.

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