Course Overview

Discover the power of AI with our ‘AI Marketing’ course. At TBC, we designed this course specifically for forward-thinking professionals like you.

Whether you’re a marketing professional seeking to enhance your skillset, a business owner aiming to leverage AI for better customer insights, or a tech enthusiast interested in the intersection of AI and marketing, this course is for you.

Our ‘AI Marketing’ course delves into how AI can transform your marketing efforts, from predictive analytics to personalized customer experiences. You’ll learn how to harness AI tools and techniques to drive impactful marketing strategies.

Completing this course not only boosts your marketing capabilities but also positions you as a leader in your field. Imagine leading AI-driven marketing campaigns that yield exceptional results and set new industry standards.

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Course Breakdown

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Use marketing automation in marketing strategies.
  2. Use Artificial Intelligence to enhance brand protection and consumer engagement
  3. Assess the advantages and limitations of AI tools in social media listening and data analysis, considering their implications for marketers’ ability to understand customer sentiment and anticipate market trends.
  4. Explore how leading marketers are putting AI-powered tools and solutions to use.
  5. Use generative AI to enhance content marketing and CX.
  6. Analyze the impact of AI marketing strategies on enhancing customer insights and trend forecasting, evaluating the effectiveness of various AI technologies in streamlining marketing processes.
  7. Explain how AI tools streamline social media listening processes and extract key details from large datasets to assess customer sentiment and anticipate future behaviors.
  8. Develop innovative approaches to leverage AI technologies in marketing strategies, proposing creative methods for tailoring content and campaigns to enhance brand engagement and market competitiveness
  • Social media exposes brands to unprecedented scrutiny, yet AI-enabled brand reputation management offers proactive solutions to mitigate potential threats before they escalate.
  • With AI marketing tools, learn how to monitor negative sentiments, select appropriate influencers, and deliver proactive customer care seamlessly to enhance brand protection and consumer engagement.
  • Use intelligent social media management tools to extract valuable insights from Voice of Customer (VoC) data in social posts and reviews in order to guide content creation based on audience preferences.
  • Learn how AI-driven smart automation can enhance operational efficiency for social media managers and customer service teams and leverage lexical and statistical-based triggers to drive intelligent workflows.
  • AI marketing uses artificial intelligence to automate decision-making in marketing, analyzing data and audience behavior to improve efficiency.
  • With tools like natural language processing and real-time personalization, AI helps marketers understand their audience and create tailored content.
  • However, challenges like data quality, privacy, and the need for human expertise remain important considerations.
  • By setting clear goals, maintaining data privacy, acquiring the right talent, and integrating AI into existing strategies, businesses can maximize the benefits of AI marketing while minimizing risks.
  • AI marketing can optimize omnichannel strategies and target segmented markets effectively.
  • Explore how to streamline digital ad campaigns through programmatic advertising, fostering brand loyalty and awareness.
  • Learn how to provide essential customer insights, aid strategic marketing decisions, and facilitate adaptability to market trends, budget prioritization, and strengthening customer relationships through sentiment analysis and performance audit with AI marketing.
  • Learn how AI marketing tools can leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize marketing tasks by processing data and generating predictive insights, streamlining workflows and reducing manual effort for marketers.
  • Use these sophisticated tools to analyze input data, generate insights, and execute actions autonomously, offering solutions that facilitate the workload for marketing professionals.
  • AI marketing is advancing swiftly through technologies like computer vision and AI-powered chatbots, enhancing tasks such as product inspection and customer interactions while providing predictive analytics for tailored content creation and business strategy formulation.
  • This evolution highlights the necessity for responsible AI development to address biases and uphold ethical standards in data usage and governance.


Upon successful completion of a TBC Micro-credential, you’ll be awarded an interactive Moodle badge, acknowledging your achievement in completing the course and mastering new skills and competencies. This badge serves as a dynamic representation to your success, empowering you to showcase it across various platforms, including your LinkedIn profile, résumé, emails, and more, thereby elevating your professional standing.

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