Toronto Business College reserves the right to enforce a student discipline policy that is not inconsistent with the laws, Regulations, and policy directives enforced by the Ministry of Colleges, Training, and Universities.


The following are grounds to dismiss a student:

  • Disorderly conduct or disruptive behavior
  • Possession of any illegal items
  • Harassment, verbal abuse, physical assault
  • Disregard of smoking regulations
  • Theft or other illegal acts
  • Excessive absenteeism
  • Failure to meet financial obligations
  • Cheating on tests
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol


Students who are suspended or expelled will receive notification in writing, either hand delivered or by registered mail. Specific reasons will be provided for the suspension or expulsion.


Students wishing to appeal against the suspension or expulsion must file an appeal within three days of notification of such disciplinary action by Toronto Business College. If a student is unsuccessful in appealing the suspension or expulsion, they may be able to appeal to the Ministry pursuant to the provisions of the Act so long as the discipline relates to an approved program.