Course Overview

Get started with our Azure Data Fundamentals Certification Training at TBC.

Whether you’re a data professional looking to deepen your cloud skills, an IT specialist wanting to understand Azure data services, or anyone new to data management in the cloud, this course is for you.

Our ‘Azure Data Fundamentals’ course covers core data concepts, Azure data services, and basics of data management. You’ll gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience to confidently take the certification exam.

Completing this course not only enhances your data expertise but also adds a valuable credential to your resume. Imagine being equipped to manage and analyze data in Azure, driving impactful insights and decisions.

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Course Breakdown

  1. Apply core data concepts.
  2. Work with relational data on Azure.
  3. Work with non-relational data on Azure.
  4. Use an analytics workload on Azure.

Explore various core data workloads, including streaming and batch data, and distinguish between them while delving into the characteristics of relational data and grasping data analytics fundamentals and techniques. Understand data analytics core concepts, ETL/ELT processes, data processing, and data visualization with basic chart types. Identify and describe relational data workloads, Azure data services, management tasks, and query techniques using SQL language to effectively utilize relational databases in Azure environments.

Explore working with non-relational data on Azure, covering topics such as understanding non-relational data workloads. Identify Azure data services for non-relational workloads like Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Storage. Master basic management tasks for provisioning, deployment, security, and connectivity. Review analytics workloads on Azure, including modern data warehousing architecture, data ingestion and processing with Azure Data Factory, and data visualization using Microsoft Power BI. Build and manage analytics solutions in the Azure environment.