Course Overview

Become a certified Azure DevOps Engineer with our specialized training at TBC.

Whether you’re a software developer looking to enhance your deployment skills, an IT professional aiming to streamline operations, or anyone interested in mastering Azure DevOps practices, this course is designed for you.

Our ‘Azure DevOps Engineer’ course covers the essentials of continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code, and monitoring within the Azure ecosystem. You’ll gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience to confidently take the certification exam.

Completing this course not only elevates your Azure DevOps capabilities but also adds a valuable credential to your resume. Imagine leading efficient development and operations workflows, driving innovation and productivity in your organization.

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Course Breakdown

  1. Explain the foundational principles of Linux systems and their significance in contemporary IT infrastructure.
  2. Apply the principles and methodologies of DevOps, emphasizing continuous integration, continuous delivery, and enhanced inter-team collaboration.
  3. Execute version control techniques utilizing Git and proficiently manage repositories with GitHub to ensure efficient source code management.
  4. Assess Docker containerization methods for constructing, transporting, and executing distributed applications effectively.
  5. Evaluate the skills necessary for proficiently administering Kubernetes clusters, encompassing deployment, scalability, networking, and security aspects.
  6. Develop automation strategies for IT infrastructure and configuration management utilizing Ansible, including playbook creation and role management.
  7. Utilize Terraform to create and oversee infrastructure as code on Azure cloud platforms.
  8. Comprehend the fundamental concepts of Maven concerning project management and automating build processes.
  9. Examine the implementation of CI/CD pipelines employing Jenkins and its integration with Maven, Nexus, and SonarQube for reliable build and release mechanisms.
  10. Assess the utility of Azure DevOps in automating software delivery and enhancing team efficiency, alongside gaining familiarity with project management using Jira.
  • 12 Factor App
  • DevOps Prerequisite course
  • Fundamentals of DevOps
  • Linux for Beginners
  • Shell Scripts for Beginners
  • Golang
  • Python Basics Course
  • Git for Beginners
  • Jenkins
  • Docker for Absolute Beginners
  • Advanced Docker concepts
  • Kubernetes for Beginners
  • Automation with Python
  • Ansible automation
  • Terraform
  • Helm for Beginners
  • Get start with Istio
  • GitOps with ArgoCD
  • Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA)